Large Fire Steel with Handcrafted Handle and Holster

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Handcrafted Custom Leather Holster and Oak Handle (Made in the Spokane, Washington)

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This fire steel kit features a ½ in. by 5 in. fire steel (aka mischmetal, ferrocerium, or ferro rod). The rod is set in a 2 inch long solid oak handle soaked in Danish Oil. The rod ships nestled in a handcrafted leather holster stained a dark chocolate brown, with a belt loop crafted to accommodate up to a 1-¾ inch (4.9 cm) belt. The leather is treated with Fiebings Mink Oil (available from us here).The holster is also compatible with a carabiner or some cord to allow for carry on your pack, as well as various other carry options. The holster sits quite comfortably on your belt, and is easy to remove, all while securely gripping the rod to prevent accidental loss when your ventures lead you through the backcountry brambles.

The ½ in. thickness of this rod will last you close to a lifetime; you will draw thousands upon thousands of cozy fires from it’s generous bulk.

The fire steel throws an amazing shower of dense sparks, which have been filmed and are presented for your viewing pleasure in the short video below:

You can watch a review of this ferro rod on our channel on YouTube here:


Please check out the photos for details of the oak handle and leather holster.

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Other options

We also offer other versions of this ferrocerium rod, with a wooden handle. Please see listings below by clicking on the images:

Ferrocerium Firesteel with Wooden Handle and Leather Sleeve:

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Ferrocerium Firesteel and Leather Sleeve:Ferrocerium Firesteel and Leather Sleeve

The handle and holster for this fire steel are handcrafted by a small company in Spokane, Washington.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6.00 × 4.25 × 1 in

3 reviews for Large Fire Steel with Handcrafted Handle and Holster

  1. Jonathan Harton (verified owner)

    The rod and holster are superb and rugged pieces of kit. The rod handle is nicely shaped and oiled to tightly hold a substantial rod that throws copious sparks. The leather holster is nicely crafted to sit snug on a belt and to keep the rod secure enough so that it does not easily fall out. Altogether, Eugene and Vlad offer a quality, handcrafted rod and holster at a competitive price. If you are in need of a stout fire starter, I recommend you pick up an ROG rod.

  2. Alexander Senetcky (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased rods that cost much, much more that came with much, much less. Some leather holsters for rods cost $20 alone. For your $19.99 you a mammoth rod you could probably club a baby seal with (not recommended) with a leather holster that fits snug and looks beautiful in it simplicity.

    Handcrafted USA goods for this price? Get out of here. I feel bad purchasing it at this price…but seeing how I am a poor grad student, I don’t feel too bad.

    It looks great and it performs too! It is a soft rod so this thing just spits sparks out and they roll around and stay for a bit. It’s fantastic. It is a ferro rod so there isn’t much else it will do, but it fulfills its role beautifully!

    Do yourself a favor and grab one of these!

  3. Elisa (verified owner)

    Wonderfully crafted tool and Holster! Thanks and also at a great price.

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