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Buy - Axe Handle Guard for any hatchet or small axe

Axe Handle Guard (Collar Guard) For Any Axe

(15 customer reviews)


Hand Crafted Custom Leather Axe Handle Guard (Made in Spokane, Washington)


This axe handle guard can be built for a variety of axes, which will be added to the expanding drop-down list.


The axe handle guard will protect your axe handle from breakdown whenever you overstrike your axe, hitting the handle on the wood. It can save you from having to replace the handle, but with time, the axe handle guard will break down as well. It is made out of ⅛” thick leather and treated with Fiebings Mink Oil (available from us here). There are two color options – brown or natural cowhide color (color may vary slightly). Keep in mind that the brown guard will show scratching more quickly than the tan option.

The axe handle guard (collar guard) can also serve as a grip on your axe, and depending on how tightly you lace it down, should not slip down the handle. The guard runs roughly 4 inches down the handle, but this will vary with the axe you buy it for. As a general rule, the smaller the axe, the smaller and shorter the axe handle guard will be.


Each axe handle guard is fitted and formed to the axe handle, so it will fit extremely well if you have the same axe handle. If it does not fit perfectly, you can moisten the guard and tighten it onto the axe when it is moist, it will take the shape of your axe and become formed to it as it dries.

The leather will have holes made for the lace, and provided with the axe handle guard will be a 2 ½ foot length of quality leather lace, which is more than you’ll need, but makes it much easier to lace the guard on. You can cut the excess off or get creative with your tying. Also, you can use para-cord, shoe laces, or any other lace. When tightening the lace, do not pull excessively hard, as leather lace can tear.

If you have a sheath for your axe (from Review Outdoor Gear or otherwise) with a strap that loops around the back of the handle, you may need to stretch the strap just slightly to fit. You can first try this without moistening the strap, but if that does not work, you can do so after slightly moistening the strap with water and stretching until it snaps into position; allow it to dry like this.

If you are getting a holster for your axe, be sure go up one size, unless you are already getting a size large holster.

A video of about how to lace the guard to your axe and an overview of this guard is available on our YouTube channel, please see the bottom of this page.

*Photos in the gallery are showing the axe handle guard on the Gransfors Bruk Scandinavian Forest Axe (brown) and the Small Forest Axe (tan).

Important: This product does not include the axe or the sheath shown in the photos.

Stock: The axe handle guards will be made to order, so please allow at least a week for production. Production time will go down as we get a feel for the demand. Thank you for your understanding.

Overview of the Axe Handle Guard and how to lace it:

Click on images to see larger photos:

This holster is hand crafted in Spokane, Washington.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6.00 × 4.25 × 2 in

Brown, Tan


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15 reviews for Axe Handle Guard (Collar Guard) For Any Axe

  1. Brother Breeze

    My wife got one of these for me to use on my Scandinavian Forest Axe ( Gränsfors Bruk). Outstanding quality. I’ve given it some use for about three and half months now and can say that it has exceeded my expectations. I use my axe for limbing trees on my property every weekend. I am in the process of clearing a large section (5 acres) of my property for camping and use my axe with this collar guard 8 hours a day two days a week at a minimum. It is good to see that there are still people who make quality products for the woodsman market. I will be buying one of these for every axe I own. Well done, ROG.

  2. mark.brown28 (verified owner)

    I just received a collar and a holster for my Gransfors Small Forest Axe. The leather is flawless and the craftmanship exquisite. I love the fact that something so practical can look so good.

  3. James Green (verified owner)

    I ordered a sheath and an axe handle guard directly from ROG for my Gransfors Bruk Scandinavian Forest Axe. Both arrived today.
    The color and the feel of the leather are beautiful.
    The only flaw with the handle guard is that it doesn’t seem to be for a Gransfors Bruk Scandinavian Forest Axe. There are very large gaps between the sides of the guard and the axe head. The front of the guard touches the axe head, so I know these gaps on the side are not due to installation error.
    These guards are supposed to be flush with the axe head on the sides.
    Regardless, it’s an extremely well made product.

    • Eugene

      We are able to make any adjustments free of charge to you if something does not fit. This does rarely happen, usually because the version of the axe on which the handle guard is installed is different shaped than the one that we have on hand. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Sean Thin Elk (verified owner)

    Craftsmanship is top notch

  5. Mark Seaman (verified owner)

    Absolutely fine craftsmenship. Fit my Gränsfors Bruk Scandinavian Forest Axe like a glove. Bought the axe sheath cover to match which was of same quality. Great job guys.

  6. Coloneldfh

    Great product. Very functional, very well made and fits my GB Wildlife Hatchet perfectly. Take care when lacing the handle guard up; the lacing will break if stressed too hard. I actually broke the lacing but replaced it with paracord and it works great.

  7. John

    I bought this collar for my Gransfors Bruk Scandanavian Forest Axe. Top notch quality leather and perfect fit. It looks so great on my axe I just ordered a matching sheath as well. Great job guys!

  8. David Ski

    I just received and mounted a collar for my Council Tools Woodcraft camp carver, fit and finish is flawless. Couldn’t be happier, you have a customer for life.

  9. Donald Channing (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my Council Tool Woodcraft Pack Axe 24”; lacing was easy and the guard stayed in place during use. Quality product at a reasonable price, shipped when stated.

  10. Bill Doyle

    I have these guards on both of my Husqvarna hatchets/axes and they are absolutely the best product on the market especially from a bang for your buck standpoint!

  11. Daniel Goul

    Just added the collar to my Gransfors small forest axe and it was a perfect fit. I followed the instructions and watched the video (instructions and how to get to the video were packed in the box) which was great and informative. Took me a few minutes to install and I have to say that I am very impressed by the look, fit, and feel! Now I want to get another one for my other axe! Thanks for an awesome add on for my axe!

  12. Neal Humphrey

    I purchased two collar guards, one each for my Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet and Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe. I’ve been using both tools for years and was getting concerned about the usual sort of wear and tear the handles were getting near the heads.

    The collars installed just fine using the supplied leather lacing. They’re snug and not slipping. I put a drop of glue on the finishing square knot for extra security.

    I’m impressed by the quality of materials and workmanship–‘looking forward to the next thing I have to buy from ROG.

  13. John M. Shanebrook (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered two (2) axe handle guards from ROG, over the past couple of years. One for a Council Tool Woodcraft Pack Axe, and one for a Gränsfors Bruk – Ray Mears Edition Wilderness Axe. The form, function and craftsmanship of these axe guards is impeccable. Worth the price.

  14. Vincent Carden

    Just recently received a ROG Axe Guard for my Hults Bruk Kisa. Amazing quality and superb packaging. This is an heirloom piece and will be used for many many years from now. Keep up the fine work and never compromise on your great quality

  15. Michael

    I ordered this axe guard for my council tool pack axe I must say what a beautiful peace of art. Some of us see a peace of leather & some of us appreciate art. Very nice it adds to the axe. The time & effort that was put into making the guard is appreciated. Thank you.

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