ROG Puukko Knife and Sheath – Handmade

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High quality handmade woods knife.

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The ROG Puukko knife and sheath are born out of our collaboration with a Ukrainian knife-craft master who completely hand makes each one of our knives. We designed this knife to be an all-around knife for bushcraft, hunting and any outdoor or cabin activity. As AllOutdoor puts it:

“The puukko is a Finnish knife, and the name lends itself to the Finnish word “puukotta,” which means “to stab/knife.” The prefix, “puu” means “wood” in Finnish. The design of the puukko is attributed to the indigenous Sami people, who created several knives to use for day to day tasks; the puukko was the smaller option, used to skin fish or animals. Although historical records vary, the puukko dates back about 1000 years. Both men and women carried (and carry) puukkos, although the sizes change depending on the person, as the puukko handle is meant to fit the hand size of the user.”

Each of our knives is handcrafted from hardness-tested CPM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) blade steel and meticulously assembled to the highest standards.

Each knife takes a minimum of 5 full days to produce. The blade is 4.5″ long, 1.06″ wide, and 0.16″ (4mm) thick, made of CPM S90V steel. The steel is tested to 61-62 HRC (hardness). The blade is sharpened to a paper-slicing edge. The finish is a brushed steel finish, which will prevent scratches from easily showing up, unlike our ROG Hunter knife, which has a mirror finish.

This knife has a full tang, meaning the blade steel passes all the way through the handle and is secured with a screw at the opposite end. The spine of this knife is ground to have sharp 90 degree edges for shaving wood for kindling and throwing sparks from a fire steel. The handle is made of ironwood (one of the hardest and most dense woods in the world) and stainless steel bolster and pommel for durability. The knife blade is 4.65″ long. Altogether the knife is 9.15″ long and weighs 6.65 ounces alone, and 10.5 ounces together with the sheath.

The included leather sheath is handcrafted to fit precisely this knife, has a built-in dangler, and also has a welt to prevent inadvertent cutting of the threads in the saddle stitched edge. The dangler accepts up to a 2″ belt.

WARRANTY: The knife steel blade and handle has a warranty of 25 years for any manufacturer defects, as well as any breakages under normal use, including batoning. The knife can be sent back for repairs if anything fails or breaks under normal use.

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At this time this knife will be made to order, although some knives may be available immediately. Please allow a minimum of 35 days for production of the knife and sheath, depending on the demand. You can also send us an email to inquire about immediate availability.


The knife and sheath are handmade in Ukraine.

ROG Puukko Knife and Sheath

ROG Puukko Knife and Sheath

ROG Puukko Knife and Sheath

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Weight 10.5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in


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