Leather Sheath for Benchmade Bushcrafter 162

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Hand crafted custom leather sheath (made in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.)

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This sheath is designed and tooled specifically for the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162. It is built out of full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide and then stained with a brown or black stain. The sheath is formed around the knife, therefore the fit is snug and precise; each sheath is tested to have a precise fit. The knife sits very snugly in sheath and does not move around. The sheath is constructed with a welt that is inserted between the two folded halfs which prevents the blade edge from cutting the stitching that is placed to hold the sheath together. The sheath is then glued, and hand sewn with a saddle stitch using waxed nylon thread – this is why you do not see any markings from a sewing machine along the threads. This sheath is built to last, and quality hand crafted in the USA (Spokane, Washington). The edge of the sheath has a sealed polish finish. The sheath is treated with Fiebings Mink Oil (available from us here).

The optional ferro rod sleeve is designed for a 5/16th inch diameter ferro rod. As you can see in the photos, the sheath and sleeve are made from one piece of leather, and one end of the sleeve is sewn in replacing the welt in that area (see photo of back of sheath). The ferro rod pictured in the photos is the Exotac FireROD (click to see on Amazon). The sleeve from top to bottom is 2 inches long. If you would like a different size ferro rod sleeve (diameter), please contact us for customization. Please note that the sheath is shaped slightly differently to accommodate the ferro rod sleeve, if you choose this option.

The sheath can be worn directly on a belt, and the maximum belt width that it will accept is 2.5 inches. It can also be extended down with a dangler, which is also available in our shop. Click images below to view it in our shop.

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A danger for this sheath is sold separately:
Knife Sheath Dangler

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Watch how we make a similar sheath (for an axe in this case) on YouTube:

A video about the Benchmade Bushcrafter from our YouTube channel below:

At this time we have several options available:

  1. Black sheath with ferro rod loop
  2. Black sheath without ferro rod loop
  3. Brown sheath with ferro rod loop
  4. Brown sheath without ferro rod loop
  5. You can add a Dangler to your order seperately.

At this time this sheath will be made to order, although some sheaths may be available immediately. Please allow about one week for production of the sheath, depending on the demand. You can also send us an email to check for immediate availability.


The sheath is handmade in Spokane, Washington.

Sheath for Benchmade Bushcrafter Sheath for Benchmade Bushcrafter 

Sheath for Benchmade Bushcrafter

 Sheath for Benchmade Bushcrafter

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 6.00 × 4.25 × 1 in

Black, Brown

Ferro Sleeve

Yes, No

17 reviews for Leather Sheath for Benchmade Bushcrafter 162

  1. Richard Mayes (verified owner)

    The Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 is an excellent knife, but the original soft leather sheath leaves a lot to be desired, and a Kydex option didn’t interest me. So, I thought that I would try the ROG sheath as a replacement. I am completely pleased with the outcome. The ROG sheath is hand made of heavy, high quality leather, which is nicely stitched, dyed and finished. There is even a very small drain hole at the bottom; nice touch. The knife fits snuggly in the sheath and it carries lower on your belt than the original sheath, which I find more comfortable. Communications with Eugene were excellent and delivery was timely. I would definitely purchase another product from ROG. Thanks Eugene

  2. Cody Villella (verified owner)

    I looked at several other sheaths and non that I looked into had the proper ride characteristics which this sheath provides. The knife deserves to be complemented by a sheath of equall quality. This sheath is the answer!
    I am VERY HAPPY with my purchase!!!

  3. David (verified owner)

    Incredible quality and great customer service. I bought both sheath and dangler for my Benchmade Bushcrafter. The fire rod fits nice and tight too.

  4. Jean-Marc Bélanger

    Great upgrade to the soft leather sheath that comes with the bushcrafter. Since purchasing both sheath and dangler I have not looked back. Extremely please. I asked for a different sized ferrorod holder and they were willing to accomodate. A great sheath and one I have continued to recommend.

  5. Jesse Jensen (verified owner)

    High quality handmade products. Family business and Eugene is wonderful to work with. They were accomodating to my custom requests/special orders. Very pleased with my Bushcrafter sheath/dangler combo, custom mods, and hatchet sheath. Nice work!

  6. Jeffrey Larson

    Superb quality sheath for the benchmade bushcrafter! I would purchase again.

    Excellent customer service! Thank Eugene

  7. Joel Crump, Fort Worth, TX (verified owner)

    The best aftermarket knife sheath I have ever gotten and used even ones made out of other materials. Fine leather craftsmanship of top quality. Better than Saddle, Gun Holster types of leather working. The Leather Dangler is a plus, excellent quality and keeps knife in a safe position in any position. Also can remove knife without unbuckling your belt. Well worth with money. It will last you forever if kept oiled.

  8. Joel Crump (verified owner)

    The best after market leather goos of any brand. Now I can carry my Benchmade Bushcraft knife in full safety. Very fine fit, finish, polish. Super thickness of leather and top grade leather. Must have, also dangler presents knife at the ready in safe positions. Cab removecknife without removing your belt

  9. Adam Polselli (verified owner)

    I purchased the sheath and dangler combo in black and both items came perfectly matched. The quality and craftsmanship is simply unparalleled; excellent stitching, sealed seams on the leather all around the sheath and the hardware is all securely attached. This is my only product purchased from ROG but I highly recommend the sheath and dangler. Frankly, if all of their products are as highly constructed, everyone making a purchase will be thoroughly satisfied.

  10. Greg (verified owner)

    Beautiful sheath, top quality all the way. Nothing on the market can compare.

  11. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Just received this in the mail today. The quality of this sheath is truly unmatched. Worth every penny.

  12. Brad Brown (verified owner)

    Fits my 162 perfectly. My search ended for a sheath when I came across Eugene’s excellent review of this knife on the ROG Youtube Channel. Impeccable craftsmanship! Thank your Dad for me. He is an artist.

  13. Caleb

    I was looking for a sheath for a Benchmade Arvensis. Every sheath that was available looked poor quality. I saw on Amazon Review Outdoor Gear; they made a sheath for a Bush crafter 162, so I contacted them and I spoke to Eugene and asked him if he could make a custom made sheath for the Arvensis. He accepted the order and his customer service was great. The quality of the sheath was excellent. The leather is high quality and the stitching is excellent. Money well spent! Overall, I’m very happy with this product. I would highly recommend this company.

  14. aram chavez

    Excellent fit for the Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter, beautifully crafted, this will be handed down for generations.

  15. Adam Trahan (verified owner)

    ROG sheath and dangler for the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 arrived and wow! Just as described. Such a great knife does not deserve the stock sheath as it is flimsy and soft at best. The ROG sheath and dangler works as it should. Problem solved. Thank you.

  16. Chris (verified owner)

    Buy one of these for your Bushcrafter. Just do it. The sheath that Benchmade includes is horrible. I wound up packing a Mora Garberg most of the time simply due to the sheath issue. Ordered a sheath from ROG and have re-discovered how nice my Bushcrafter is. The ROG sheath is amazing. It is my EDC and everybody always takes note of how nicely the sheath is executed. Now how about a similar one for the Mora Garberg? OK $150 sheath on an $80 knife? It would be soooo worth the money! I highly recommend ROG, service was fast and the quality of work is exemplary!

  17. Norm Morris (verified owner)

    Found this site purely by accident, and am glad I did. I was almost ready to buy a sheath from another leathercraft place, which was actually very nice and reasonably priced. But it had small inconsistencies in the fit and finish (you get what you pay for) and I really wanted something perfect. This ROG sheath is exactly what I wanted, and especially the perfectly fitted 5/16″ firesteel loop for my EXOTAC orange firerod. The knife seats perfectly, and the whole rig screams quality. I also couldn’t believe that from the time I ordered until I got a shipping notification was like two hours! Finally, I have a lot of black sheaths, and some nice ones in a saddle tan, but this dark brown is perfect and looks much richer than what you normally see. (Wish I could upload a couple of pics, but don’t see that option.) I also have a kydex scout sheath for the BM 162 which is very well done, that I bought in desperation after trying the horrible factory sheath, but don’t think I’ll be using it much now that I can successfully dangle the knife below the beltline with this rig. Go for it, you won’t regret it!

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