Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe Custom Leather Sheath

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Custom Handmade Leather Sheath for the Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe, Made in the USA, 100% Cowhide Leather. Handmade in Spokane, WA, USA.

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This sheath is designed specifically and exactly for the Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe. It is made out of full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide and then stained with the appropriate color. The leather is treated with Fiebings Mink Oil (available here from us). Hults Bruk Akka Foresters Premium Outdoor Axe Custom Leather Sheath

This sheath will keep your Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe safe from being dulled by contacting other items in your pack and from cutting through other materials.

We have a special stiff design that allows the axe to stand vertically in the sheath, preventing cutting of the sheath with the especially sharp points of the Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe:

This sheath will protect you from the blade and the blade from accidentally dulling. This sheath is stitched together from two pieces of leather, and a welt is placed between them, which prevents the blade of axe from cutting the saddle-stitch that is placed to hold the sheath together. The sheath is then glued, hand stitched and rivets are placed at the corners to reinforce the body. The axe head blade, when placed in the sheath, is prevented from touching the rivets because of the leather welt. This sheath boasts crossed retention straps for security and aesthetics.

This sheath is built to last, and quality hand made in the USA (Spokane, Washington). Finish to the edges of the leather is applied for aesthetic appeal. The color of the leather may vary, and may be a darker or lighter. There may also be slight variations in the evenness of color distribution on the sheath.

A review of the Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe and its respective sheath will be coming to our YouTube channel soon!


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Watch how this sheath is made on YouTube:

Also, see the Axe Handle Guard that we have designed for this axe by clicking on the image below (will appear different than in this image):Handle Guard with Lace

The sheath is handmade in Spokane, Washington.

Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe Custom Leather Sheath

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1 review for Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Axe Custom Leather Sheath

  1. Jason Berg

    I asked ROG to make a custom Sheath for my New GB Double Bit Axe after receiving their Sheath for my GB American Felling Axe. If they would make sheaths for my other vintage axes I would order them as well. A True Heirloom Product that will last Generations. Thank you ROG for making my request a reality.
    Jason Berg
    Santa Cruz Ca.

    • Eugene

      You’re welcome Jason! The Double Bit is a great addition to our line.

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