We finally have a website!

Hello there! We are excited to start this website. The idea here will be to have more information, assistance, and an online store for our YouTube community and beyond. We are also hoping to have some image galleries of the outdoors as well as the sheaths and other leatherwork that we are selling on Amazon as well as on our coming online store, here on this website. Please feel free to comment down below and give us your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. Hi Eugene & Vlad. I was wondering if you could have a video about the planning stage of choosing a location to backpack/hike to, do you map-out the trail of where you’re going, In other words, could you share the whole process prior to the backpacking trips. Thank you & God bless

    • Hello Stella!
      This is a very good idea. I think we may do this on one of our next trips. I remember trying to figure this out, and it certainly is not the easiest thing to do. Hope we’ll be able to help you soon!

      • That would be awesome. Thank you. Looking forward to your next videos. God bless you guys!

  2. Hi,

    It looks like you guys have some very quality stuff! I added 4 items to my cart. I will be in southwest Michigan until Nov 20th and then I will be home in Minnesota after that. I was wondering if I should have you ship to where I am staying in Michigan or ship in to my home. Could you get it here in Michigan by Nov 20th at the latest? I am ready to place my order.

    Again thanks for your business and praise God for you both.

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